Lamar Odom Character Analysis

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James Harden reportedly pressured Khloe Kardashian to move Lamar Odom out of her house and the reality star complied to her beau 's request, but this didn 't sit well with Odom and he is furious that he will no longer live with his estranged wife. It seems a good idea for Kardashian to keep both men happy by giving them what she feels is the best for their relationships. The 31-year-old knows that if she wants to keep her romance alive with Harden, she must not give him any reason to be worried and doubt her loyalty. On the other hand, she can 't just completely shun Odom away from her life, so she reportedly rented a place for the troubled athlete to continue his recovery after being released from the hospital. “James is happy about the arrangement, but Lamar is pissed,” the source told HollywoodLife exclusively. “He didn’t want to move from underneath her roof. He loved the type of around-the-clock care she gave him."…show more content…
"James has been completely understanding of Khloe’s situation, but at a certain point she needs to focus on him and their relationship not Lamar,” another insider told the publication
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