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5 Shocking things about Lamar Odom you didn’t know!

Los Angeles Lakers star Lamar Odom was found passed out in a brothel in Nevada earlier this week. The controversy has taken the media by storm even while wishes and prayers from the glitterati and his fans pour in to the star’s family and friends. While he recovers to his Odom best, here are some shocking facts you didn’t know about the former Olympic athlete.

This is not his first drug rap

Lamar has had a long history of drug use, going back to the time when he played for the Los Angeles Clippers. In the few months he played there, the number four draft pick was suspended twice for not complying with the NBA’s drug policy. In 2013, after an arrest, he even checked into rehab! 

He’s been
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Growing up, he lost both his parents. His father was a heroin addict while his mother died after getting colon cancer. Raised by his grandmother, Lamar seems to have taken to his father. His two closest friends passed away this year from drug-related causes. It seems the drug use sneaked it’s dirty entrails all around the NBA star’s life. 

In this latest incident, he had all the drugs in his system

While the cause of his unconsciousness was an overdose of natural Viagra, a few news sites reported that he had more than that in his system. He was initially given only a 50% chance of survival and put on a ventilator. There were rumours of brain damage reported as well. 

The support around him is amazingly positive

Most incidents like these are ripped apart in the media. However, the media coverage and peoples’ reactions to this tragedyy has been surprisingly positive. His estranged wife Chloe Kardashian has been by his side since she heard of his collapse and is currently at his side. His estranged father is also there. Fans have expressed worry at his condition and have been sending prayers and well wishes to his close friends and

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