On The Sidewalk Bleeding Summary

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“Lamb to the Slaughter”, “Borders” and “On the Sidewalk Bleeding” showcases characters changing from the decisions they have made and how these decisions affect the society around them. The choices they make, shift their community in a whole different direction and adjust the way they live, to a whole new level. Dahl’s story reveals how a wife what 's the life of her husband short and how she gets away with it without punishment. King’s story demonstrates how far someone will go, for what they believe in, while Hunter’s story unfolds the price someone can pay when part of gang life. Mary Maloney, the Blackfoot mother and Andy are all people who make decisions that will not only change the course of their lives but also the lives of people around…show more content…
Mary Maloney makes the decision of her life when being confronted by her husband and by doing this, she sends a ripple through the entire community. One day, Mary is home with her husband, after his long day of work as a detective. She is so happy to have him home with her, but he is not as happy. He tells Mary some unbearable news, that if Mary didn’t just become psychotic, would make her heartbroken. So as she is now blinded with imagination, Mary believes that if she goes on as if everything is normal, then everything will be average again. But as she is just about to make dinner with a leg of lamb tha she got from downstairs, Mary is blinded with rage from something her husband said and she then strikes him with the leg of lamb and murders him. The now “widow”, pops out from her psychotic bubble, becomes filled with anxiety about everything she has done and wonders “what were the laws about murders with unborn children”(Dahl, 177). By killing her husband, Mary shifts her path in
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