Lamb To The Slaughter Maloney Analysis

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No matter what crime and it 's motive, they should still be regulated and justified. For this instance, Mrs. Patrick Maloney of "Lamb to the Slaughter" is guilty of murdering her own husband. Why would she do such a thing if she loved her husband so much? This leads to one of many points: Mrs. Maloney 's actions decided on impulse. Because she let her emotions control her, it resulted in bad decisions and the killing of her own husband. She 's possessive in that way because she didn 't want to accept that Mr. Maloney was going to leave her. Another key point to think about is how she lies. How DOES she lie? Simple, she hides behind her own excuses "¨(as) she sat down before the mirror (and) tidied her hair... she tried a smile. It came out
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