Lamb To The Slaughter Research Paper

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Lamb to the Slaughter I believe that Mrs.Maloney is innocent because she was insane. She had a mental issue and when she became angry she was not able to control herself. She always was so nice to him and would never anything like this. Every Day she would greet him ask about his day and get a nice drink. She loved how he would sit loosely in the chair and the way he would walk inside and he did not talk about his tiredness. There is no possible way that Mrs.Maloney did this on purpose. She loved her husband and did anything to make him happy. She would greet him once he came in and get him a drink, talk about how him day was, and be happy. But one day Mr.Maloney was acting different than usual he did not want her to do anything for him, he did it himself and he was quiet and did not want to talk much, it was…show more content…
Mr.Maloney also treated her terribly and she always ignored it and loved him anyways except this time. She lost it and hit Mr.Maloney with the lamb. She could not control herself to not hit Mr.Maloney with the lamb. She pretended that he was not dead and she went to the store to buy some groceries. She loved him so much she got vegetables and potatoes and his favorite, cheesecake. When she came home she saw him still lying on the floor. She went over to him knelt down and cried her heart out and realized what she did. She called and tried to save him but it was too late to save him. She explained everything she knew and everything she did. The detectives could not figure out anything or anyone that could have killed Mr.Maloney. I believe that Mrs.Maloney is innocent but also has mental issues that need to be taken care of. She should be sent to an asylum to help her mental issue. These are my reasons why Mrs.Maloney killed Mr.Maloney but because she is mentally
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