Lamps In The Whirlpool Analysis

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Feminism is a set of movements aimed in achieving moral, social, economic and political rights and equal opportunities for women. The status of women in India has been subject to many great changes over the past few millennia. But in olden days women are victimized in such a manner. Women are still victims of social discrimination because of male chauvinism. They are still considered less equal to men. The important age-old practice of dowry is an injustice against women is still in practice. The men folk in our country enjoy freedom to the full, even the freedom to do the evil against women.
The novel Lamps in the Whirlpool is feminist in its theme, treatment and language. It raises issues which echo in the hearts of many repressed women. It asks the reader to ponder how we treat the woman in the society, woman who is the linchpin of the family, who
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It is the responsibility of Girija to wash all and get them ironed. Once Girija opened her husbands’ wardrobe and happened to see a coral coloured box with exquisite green enamel inlay work. Girija thought that he will share about that box with her because there were no secrets between them. She had always trusted him implicitly. But he didn’t reveal. When she was trying to ask about it, he flared up and says that it is Roja Mami’s (neighbour and friend of the mother-in-law). Again she asked him about the box whether it contains any valuable thing. He never answers. She mutters under her breath and moves away. Roja Mami exploits the relationship in the family by kindling issues against Girija. Even Samu refuses to tell the truth of the antique box to Girija. He feels that his ties with Roja Mami seemed to be more important than with his wife. The humiliations that she suffered in that house pierced her heart like a nerunji(poisonous plant)
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