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Lance Armstrong is known to many as two things; the world’s best cycler and the world’s most famous cheater. But he didn’t always have these titles, Lance Armstrong was originally born in small town north of Plano, Texas. He began his sports career as a swimmer at the young age of 12, which eventually led him to his love for triathlons. By the age of 19, Lance was beginning to make a name for himself by becoming the nation’s leading triathlete and winning championships. In his senior year of high school, Lance began training with the United States Olympic Team, which propelled him to become United States National Amateur champion. This hard work eventually paid off for Armstrong as he was then recruited to the national professional Motorola Cycling Team.

After receiving the title of a professional athlete,
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His battle to the top kicked off with him joining the United States Postal Service Team. After joining the team, Lance began to train and train hard. It took him almost a full two years of training and cycling, after becoming cancer free, to start competing again. In 1999, Lance rose to the top once again by competing in the Tour De France once again. This time the story ends a little differently then before, Lance won the Tour De France. This was just the beginning for Lance Armstrong. After his first win, he continue to race in the next in the six seven Tour De Frances. Not only did Lance compete in the next six Tour De Frances, he won each and every one of them. After winning seven consecutive Tour De France titles, he decided to retire from cycling in the summer 2005. After retirement Lance popularity continued to rise, that was until a drug test was done in late 2005 on the urine of the 1999 Tour De France athletes. The results that came back ended up making waves in the cycling industry, and shocked the

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