Lance Armstrong's Cause For The Advertising Behavior In Sports

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Rather often we hear in the news about unprofessional behaviour in sports. As a result, the sport as well as the sponsorship is affected in a negative way. Sponsors are afraid that their brand will be associated with something negative like doping, because initially all they want is positive publicity. Due to this, a couple of years ago the Rabobank decided to stop with the sponsorship of male race cyclists. After being one of the major sponsors, the Rabobank made this decision because of the shocking doping case against cyclist Lance Armstrong. But what are the consequences that Lance Armstrong has caused for the advertising market of sponsors? There are many sports that include athletes who are sponsored. Take for example race cycling, golf or even tennis. But there are many different types of sponsorship. In the beginning the majority of sponsors give athletes discounted or free gear. This changes over time as the reputation of the athlete progresses. Think of Roger Federer for example. He is a well-known tennis player and therefore receives payments for photos taken from him and interviews that appear in magazines. Federer is an example of a fully endorsed athlete who is receiving a monthly or yearly salary from a company, in exchange he forms the ‘billboard’ for companies that sponsor him. Companies make use of celebrity endorsement in order to make people associate the brand of the company with the celebrity. By for example utilising an athlete endorser, marketers

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