Lance Armstrong Ethical Analysis

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Lance Armstrong is dealing with an Ethical dilemma because of his position in life. Being a successful sport man made him more and more popular in people’s world. To lose that would cost him too much. The love that fans have for him, if he confesses his transgressions, he would lose them. On the other hand if he fights and still lie, that would cause his family unnecessary strain. We are also told in the passage about the foundation he is involved in. undoubtedly, in his mind he is also having thoughts of what would people think of him if he is founded confesses. If he fights again his reputation would ruined. I can use one of the local examples. Oscar Pestorius. The man is slowly losing his reputation as the trial continues. I personally think if he confesses many people would respect him for that. The risk about fighting and continue to lie is that lies keeps getting bigger, this might lead to severe persecution. Usually the athletes are sponsored by different sponsors, therefore if Armstrong, perhaps in his mind he is dealing with all these thoughts, that if…show more content…
I’m positive that Lance Armstrong is well known world widely, since he has been able to achieve much in few period of time. Now, for him to confess, this would mean many people will question his credibility as well. To fight and still lie, would also do him no good because people will still perceive him as deceiver. In many cases we have seen how people are influenced by those whom they follow. In most cases if a child is looking up to someone who lives his or her life unethically, in one way or the other, that child will draw something from that person. Also in Armstrong’s case, for him to come clean would cost the lives of the young ones who are very fond of him. But to fight and still lie as well does him no good, since even his the board of sports have identified his fault. Already his reputation is
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