Lance Armstrong's Journey Before Overcoming Cancer

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I believe that an obstacle or disadvantage can be turned into something good. Lance Armstrong, the most successful cyclist of all time, had to overcome cancer before achieving such greatness. Another possible example is Louis Armstrong. Louis was born to a single mother and lived a rough life. He was convicted of a crime and was sent to prison which is where he learned how to play the trumpet. Before he was a seven time Tour de France champion, Lance Armstrong had to overcome cancer, a very extreme obstacle to overcome. Lance was diagnosed with testicular cancer and by the time the doctors found it, it had already spread to his brain, lungs, and other intrinsic organs. After numerous surgeries, Lance was given a fifty percent chance to live. Armstrong did not give up. After months of treatment and another surgery, the doctors found absolutely no cancer in his body. Within a year, Lance was back on the bike. He went on to win seven Tour de Frances in a row and he remains…show more content…
Louis was born to a single mother. They were poverty stricken, and were basically stuck with nothing. As a boy Louis was convicted of a crime and sent to prison. While serving his time, Louis learned how to play the trumpet from a fellow in‐mate. Louis immediately fell in love with music. He formed a jazz group when he was released from prison and they started playing at local clubs and bars. On one fateful day, a record company representative heard the group and immediately wanted to sign them. If it weren’t for prison Louis might not have ever even picked up a trumpet. From these two examples, we can clearly see that obstacles or disadvantages can become something good. Both Louis and Lance overcame extremely difficult obstacles and became some of the best there ever was. They knew that anything was possible and were not discouraged by

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