Lancelot In Oedipus The King

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History | Lancelot is a berserker classed servant summoned in the fourth holy grail. He can also be summoned as a saber because of the how really skilled he is with his swordsmanship. His master was a man who did not want to be in the war, he also left the place where the war takes place because he was disgusted by his family. Keep in mind, his family is one the three big ones that participate in the grail wars, the matou family. Once he comes back to Fuyuki, he finds out that the woman he wanted to protect was now engaged to another man and had two children. This is where it gets good, the two kids are Sakura and Rin. He soon becames really close to them and they in return make a real close bond with him. But, his father wanted to take…show more content…
Now, being a berserker while being as skilled as he is makes him a very dangerous foe. All his basic states are boosted by one except for two that he doesn't need since he is a berserker. Lancelot shows us how agile and skillful he is once he first shows himself to the other servants that are fighting. Once Gilgamesh notices him and says something only a king could say, he is shot with some of his noble phantasms. He is able to dodge, grab them, and use them as he pleases with no effort at all. While pissing gil off with his skills and being able to touch his treasures, he sets himself in front of everyone. All other servants there present are amazed of how skilled and powerful he is. ▂▂ Noble phantasm Maker | Lancelot has one of the most creative noble phantasms I've seen, and this one takes the cake. It does not matter what he takes, everything that he wishes to use will become his noble phantasm. This skill is very rare and awesome to me because Lancelot can basically dominate anything with his ability. One good example of this, is when he jacks the jet in the anime. He's able to take it, and make it stronger, faster, and more durable than what bit was before. Another one is when he takes the machine gin from the hey and makes it his noble phantasm as well.
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