Lancelot, The King Of The Cart Analysis

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Legends are passed down from generation to generation. Each time they are told, something changes. Whether it be a small or big, the change stay until it gets changed again. The works of Chreitien de Troyes and Nancy McKenzie display the change in points of view throughout history.
In Lancelot, the King of the Cart, by Chreitien de Troyes (1984), there is talk about Guinevere and Lancelot are coming together and their life after Lancelot saves Guinevere. This story focuses more on the relationship of the two, how Lancelot feels about Guinevere, and the journey up until they are finally together. Likewise, Lancelot thinks about his love for Guinevere all day, no matter where he is. When he is at a tourney and he returns to “his prison,” he is still thinking about her (de Troyes 72). This tournament was held for women to find a husband, which only causes Lancelot’s thought to center around Guinevere even more. In addition to him thinking
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Guinevere’s Gamble was written more in the point of view of Guinevere because it was published in 2009. This is when women’s rights was in full swing, so having a story written with the woman being the main character is a necessity. Even though the story was still about Guinevere needing to be saved by a man, as opposed to being able to save herself, it is a big step for women. Lancelot, the King of the Cart is more focused on the feelings of Lancelot throughout his journey of finding love in Guinevere. The original writer was born before the 1600’s so his target audience was literate, white, men. Meaning it only made sense for the main character to be a white male. Another difference is the language used. De Troyes uses a more formal way of speaking than McKenzie. Normal language prior to the 1600’s is a more proper dialect than what we are used to in today’s time. Both authors target their audience and know what they want to read very
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