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Customer Who are the consumers who buy the beauty products at the air port? Lancôme brand have the target customer as 35-55 years middle to high income women who want to happy with their beauty, Lancôme product also guarantee that it suit with every kind of customers skin types .The main type of consumer who buys the products at the air port is the existing customers who already know and used the product since they have less time during waiting for the plane to take off, so they might not try or looking for the new brand because they don’t have enough time to do that. The other customers are people who looking for some gift and people who got order from their friends or family. Moreover some customers would buy the new small size of the…show more content…
The brand was perceived as worldwide premium brand. 2. The brand was perceived as luxury and innovative brand 3. Strong Heritage in term of French Elegant 4. High customer loyalty 5. Famous for its entire ageing Weaknesses 1. “For old people” perceived as brand image 2. Cosmetic category does not very popular when compare with other competitors. Threats 1. The Organic trend that people turn to use non chemical products more 2. Tax barrier between each country 3. Currency frustration 4. Weather or climate that may effect the number of tourism 5. Grey Market 6. Disease that may cause less traveler to that country, such as, Ebola 7. Air accidents that make people trust the airline less, so they choose not to go or use the airplane, such as, MH370 and Airasia QZ8501 8. Competition among the beauty brands Opportunities Lancôme performance in traveling retail Lancôme offers special and exclusive products especially for traveling retails making the shopping experience different from traditional retails. Lancôme locates its shops effectively to draw customers’ attention. Also, the products and services are customized according to each country of the airport. For example, Lancôme offers exclusive products to celebrate the Chinese New Year in Hawaï, where many Chinese customers travel to. Moreover, the languages, cultures and beauty rituals are emphasized to offer the personalized approach. This would be the reason that Lancôme was arranged within top 15 brands on the…show more content…
Increase of Chinese Tourist: Middle income Chinese go more on over sea trip. They spend a lot and increase the opportunity for brand to get more customers. People turn to have less baby or not marriage: Many couple decide not to have baby and more population that stay single, so they can spend more for themselves. Apart from all of the above, most of the respondents feel the current travel retail stores would not exciting enough and it effects directly to their purchase decision. Moreover, customers would decide to purchase more if the products they already use are on interesting promotion even though they still have the old container in their home. So, it would be an opportunity for us to create more attractive or refresh the store’s appearance to gain more customer’s attentions. Digital

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