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Land administration system plays a crucial role in the economy and acts as a pillar to good land governance in the country. Poor governance may draw serious problems and loss of public confidence in the system, which are often compounded by unsatisfactory administrative and management procedures that fail to fulfill public’s expectations. Investment in new technology might be one of the solutions to cater this issue, however, it will not solve the problem holistically. Hence, a national coordinating mechanism is required to manage land administration system efficiently at all levels: national, state and territory to accommodate the needs of globalization and technology evolvement. Due to Malaysia’s complex federal arrangements, a new system…show more content…
Thailand, for instance, which has one of the most efficient land administration in the world, has already established a one-day service standard to register property transactions. Workers are not allowed to leave the office until they have completed the necessary documentations that was submitted by customers on the given day. Apparently, work overflow is not even an issue as the number of staff of each office is determined by the average number of transactions. Each office is limited to 100,000 titles and if by any chance, the number of land titles exceeds the limit, the office will be divided and a new branch will be created (ref,…show more content…
The features are elaborated below:

System: The overall system including Land Office System must identify electronic land tax payment method and generate the coverage and develop a comprehensive National Land Information Centre.
Technology: In response to technology development, land administrators must use electronic hardware when carry out land service-related job. Land office service counters need to use electronic hardware for completion of task.
Structure: Besides improving the service quality for the public (organizational structure), the building design and office layout need greater cleanliness to promote a pleasant environment, which reflect the image and credibility of the land office (physical structure).
Human Resources: Improving land administration services in the future and concurrently have a good organizational leadership. Skills, knowledge and experience are the basic ingredients for creating professional specialists in land

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