Land And Indian Removal During The 19th Century

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During the 19th century there was a tremendous amount of attention from the rest of the nation of the issues of land and Indian removal. These issues were centered around economic problems or developments that might arise as a result of Indian removal, Humanitarian issues, and finally political troubles that are caused by this act. During this time period senator Thomas Benton who represented Missouri wanted remove Native Americans off their land, he was a firm believer in extending the area of slavery. He was a huge advocate for “converting Indian soil to slave soil” as it a had a positive economic impact on the state and led onward on the march for cotton cultivation. The early and middle portion of the 19th century proved to be a difficult time for American Indians as they were constantly rattled by acts that led to them to emigrate their native land. The Indian removal act of 1830 provided funding for the uprooting of the five civilized tribes.
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