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The Land of Odysseus is an amusement park with the full experience of Odysseus and his trip. It features a hotel inspired by Odysseus’ home; a restaurant inspired by Helios island; a Whirlpool ride that shows both scenarios of what could have happened if Odysseus went past Charybdis. Almost all of Odysseus’ landmarks are hit throughout the park, and throughout each ride. Though, these three attractions are the most visited and the most highly recommended by past visitors to anyone who will be coming for the first time. These attractions give a great first impression of the park, and will make you want to come back to The Land of Odysseus.
The first attraction the visitors encounter is The Restaurant of Thrinacia. This is the busiest restaurant in The Land of Odysseus. Visitors are attracted by the atmosphere and traditions of this restaurant. When the customers are first approached by their waiter, the first thing they are told is “Welcome to The Restaurant of Thrinacia ‘where are pastured the cattle and the fat sheep of the sun god of Helios… … but if you do harm them, then I testify to the destruction of your ship and your companions” (Lattimore, Bk 12:127-140). This is the visitor 's introduction to the adventure of Odysseus and his men. This is their warning that if they order any kind of cow or sheep, lighting will be struck, and the sound of thunder will roar through the restaurant. Some people may argue that this is unnecessary, and that it could trigger epilepsy, but there will be a warning sign outside the restaurant, and it will not be anything
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With the Odyssey inspired restaurants, water rides, and a hotel, with the most popular ones being The Restaurant of Thrinacia, Charybdis’ Whirlpool, and the Odysseus Inn. No visitor will leave unsatisfied, feeling they did not get the full experience. This is the perfect park to bring the book to life for the
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