Land Pollution In Montego Bay

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Interpretation of Data

The pollution being exposed in downtown Montego Bay are mainly Water Pollution, Land Pollution and Air pollution. According to the first chart, the residents claim to have the greatest negative effects from Land pollution (49%) with Air pollution following (32%) then Water pollution being the least of their worries (19%). One person commented on the appearance land pollution gives to the town as if it were a squalor which offended her deeply. Another person from the Marine Park of Montego Bay stated that the bottles and sewage leading out into the sea has damaged the coral reefs and mangroves immensely, making our waters less clean than before. A smoker of marijuana admitted that his smoking habit and the habit of others
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Most males favoured burning the garbage as they preferred to get rid of the garbage completely than having it stacked up. They least favoured using a waste bin because of the same perspective. For the females, they, shockingly, least favoured using a waste bin because of the smell it accumulated but preferred burying the garbage. They also commented that the availability of waste bins downtown are too limited to use when needed.
When reviewing the sources of air pollution, the categories were limited to smoking, factories and vehicles. Both males and females mostly blamed the exhaust form vehicles as the prime suspect in the source of air pollution in downtown Montego Bay. Others blamed factory smoke from industrialization and then the act of smoking as they commented that even though second-hand smoking is a great threat to a person’s health, the view it as a small volume compared to factories and vehicle
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The males had a close decision between improper disposal and bodily waste but bodily waste rose as the culprit in their perspective. They commented on the stench of human and dog faeces and urine permeating the town which has taken away from the appeal the town had had before. The females however, tied with the improper disposal and bodily waste as the source of land pollution in downtown Montego Bay as they expressed same sentiments on the smell and added about the piling garbage stretching around the town. This questionnaire has brought evidence to support my claim that a problem with the growth of pollution is affecting

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