Land Use And Water Pollution

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ABSTRACT Pollution is a major threat to the people and environment. Rapid growth in industrialization is a major cause of pollution. According to census of India 2011, cities accommodate nearly 31.8% of India’s current population and contribute 63% of GDP. Urban areas are expected to house 40% of India’s population and contribute 75% of India’s GDP by 2030 (JNNURM). Industrialization leads to urbanization and poor management of industrial waste and municipal solid waste creates an adverse effect on the environment and human life. Air pollution is the major avoidable cause of disease and death globally (WHO). Untreated sewage waste disposal is a problem of river water pollution. Polluting contents into Unnao city’s sewage drain are higher than the effluent standards and five million liter sewage per day is discharged without treatment (UPPCB, 2013). Polluting content in air is also higher than the standards (UPPCB). This dissertation is mainly based on the different pollution sources in Unnao city, Uttar Pradesh, India and its relation to the land use. In this study pollution caused due to inappropriate land use has been set out. Suitable site allocation has been selected by the multiple criteria analysis method. The proposal is based on the assessment of pollution level, expert’s opinion and survey. Key words: Environment pollution, land use, urbanization Contents 1. Introduction 4 2. Study area 4 3. Aim 6 4. Objective 6 5. Scope & limitation 6 6. Methodology 6 7.
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