Land Use Transformation: Impacts Of Urbanization And Industrialization

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In the city land use pattern has undergone tremendous transformation due to the impact of urbanization and industrialization. Changes in the land use pattern bring certain ecological changes. Land by definition, is solid part of earth surface. It is finite resource so great care should be taken to preserve it .Land has been put to many new uses, apart from traditional ones. These are the general use of land: 1. Agriculture and horticulture 2. Housing 3. Transport Infrastructure 4. Industries 5. Mining of minerals resources 6. Water bodies 7. For fodder, cattle grazing, forest wealth for timber, fuel etc. The core of land use change is due to the growth of metropolitan areas. Land use transformation is one of the most important fields of human induced environmental transformation. Land use transformation takes place as per human demands due to increase in numbers of people in the area. This may lead to change in land use activities. It has direct and indirect impacts on environment. The impacts may be negative or positive. Demands for land are growing in the city. Managements of land to sustain that demand need to be considered. This land transformation in some sense constitutes land degradation for agriculture and grazing. Settlements in the city are the major land use activity in view of human demands. Settlements also create demands that lead to other land-cover changes, such as the removal of vegetation and soil to extract sand, gravel, brick clays, and rock; the

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