Pros And Cons Of Wildfires In The Environment

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We recently did a debate on a major problem in the world today, environmental issues. Two students were given a topic, like landfills, deforestation, wildfires, etc., and had to debate on pros and cons on whether or not it is good for the environment. I did not like the setup of the debate because I could not hear some people and I did not feel fully engaged in the conversation. Overall, I liked how we were free to talk at times and the connections to real life scenarios. This was the first time I heard about Live Google which I thought was a really cool part of the presentation as I was able to expand on an idea more. Here are summaries of some of the topics the students were given. Mining is very important because the materials that it provides…show more content…
The effects of one can result in death or serious injury and homes, buildings, or even whole communities. These often affect large areas which allow them to spread so far and be so powerful. Not only just the fire affects people, but the smoke created by it can also give people health problems. Wildfires are most powerful with little to no rain and high wind speeds. Wildfires can kill insects that can spread disease and clean areas with bacteria and scattered pieces of waste. While wildfires do have some positive effects, you can not look towards them when lives are lost. You can not control where a wildfire will lead to and it takes a long time to put one out. In a discussion, someone brought up how your insurance does not cover property that is burned down. I believe this is very absurd considering the fact that you were not responsible for it. Even some planned fire can go out of hand leading to major destruction and injuries. According to, 60 percent of wildfires in national parks are caused by humans and in all forests human cause 84! Because of this stat, it makes it very hard to debate about this, although I believe instead of debating on the topic, people should try to raise awareness to cause less
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