Landscape Architecture Personal Statement

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Name: Eman Alkhalifah
University: University of Texas-Austin
Course: Ph.D. Architecture
Statement of Purpose

Introduction: personal statement
Throughout my studies, expanding my research skills in Architectural has, with time, grown to be my long-standing passion and obsession. The Architectural field, therefore, stands out as the perfect career path for me. Progressively, I have come to realize that modern life is founded on innovations in architecture, with constant developments in the discipline making our lives more expedient and lively. It is such a realization that has motivated me to conclude that contributing to the professional evolution of architecture will provide me with a feeling of fulfillment and provide me with a meaningful
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Program will be the history of architecture and landscape architecture. This option will offer me a detailed study program that will prepare me to carry out research and teach in the relevant disciplines. The program focusses on architecture through different historic times as well as on the historic cultures, while especially emphasizing on understanding landscapes or buildings along with their designers in history as intricate and interconnected wholes that incorporate meaning, culture, function, tectonics and aesthetics.
The PhD program in history of architecture and landscape architecture mainly focusses on understanding structural designs and their historical contexts over time. New designs have been adopted since the onset of architecture, and thus, with the concentration of a history of architecture, new phenomenon and innovations are realized that would help in further explanation and address of other necessities in the same sector. A concentration in the History of architecture and landscape architecture as a course incorporates more than one element of
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D. program, my goals in the short term will be to reinforce my technical knowledge and work on research that will enhance my skills in communication technology and extend the abstract understanding of utilization and generation of information. Upon completion of the Ph. D. program, my long-term objective is to get a research position in a learning institution where I will be able to share my experience and skills with other individuals passionate about the course. My extensive experience in the job market and exposure to numerous management disciplines will be a firm foundation for my studies towards my Ph. D. at your institution. Through the Ph. D in Architecture program I will be able to emphasize the application on quantitative and qualitative research methods at the peak of academic rigor. Further, upon graduation, I will be able to focus on crucial opportunities and problems experienced in the field of architecture, while at the same time generating original and long-lasting contribution to scholarly bodies as well as practical knowledge in architecture and associated careers. Finally, I will be better prepared to effectively share the results of my doctoral
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