Langston Hughes As A Poet

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More than just a Poet Before even graduating from college, Langston Hughes’ name was becoming known around the country for his writing. His first major poem, “The Negro Speaks of Rivers,” written at just seventeen years old, gave way to a forty-year career of popular writings for the author. Known as one of the most iconic African-American writers of his time, Langston Hughes had a major influence on American Literary History. He was known for and as the people’s poet, use of jazz blues, and life experiences. Langston Hughes was known for being one of the most favored, if not the most favored, African-American poet and short story writers of the twentieth century. He was commemorated for being a people’s poet, “his life’s work was about bringing people together socially, politically, and artistically” (Shawn Alexander, 42). Hughes was influential for writing about the everyday struggles, racial injustices, and dreams of the African-American men and women during the Harlem Renaissance of the 1920’s. This period in history was a time of vast changes and explorations for African-Americans. He gave the people hope during a time when they needed it. Hughes’ poetry was, and still is popular today due to the way he directly focuses on African-American people in a language that they can understand and relate to; immersing in not only their present situations of wanting a better life, but also with their shared pasts and future hopes and desires. He composed stories of his people
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