Langston Hughes I Too Poem

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A Better Tomorrow America—the land of the free and home of the brave—is known worldwide as one of the most powerful, influential, and greatest nations on Earth. Freedom of belief, equal opportunities, and even diversity in groups are just some of the many rights Americans are granted from birth. It 's hard to believe there was a time when these fundamental human rights were not privileged to everyone! Langston Hughes’ short poem “I, Too,” tells of this troubled period in American History. Hughes’s poem makes clear that the country does not provide a happy and equal experience for all its people. Hughes’s choice of words suggests strength and determination. The author uses point of view, tone, and imagery to illustrate a counterview of a country not as accepting in a…show more content…
The tone of this literary art is produced in the opening stanza “I, too, sing America” (1). The narrator is proclaiming his right to be patriotic to America as well as a sense of hope, “Tomorrow, / I’ll be at the table/ When company comes.” (8-10). The poem reflects Hughes’s dream that one-day segregation will cease and when that day happens, all men will sit together equally and enjoy the same opportunities. The narrator is foreseeing a life where all citizens have the right to political and social freedom and equality. Hughes, like countless other African-Americans at the turn of the 20th century as well as throughout slavery, fought against the prejudicial actions taken toward blacks. Hughes can depict an underlying message that even though current times may be hard, tomorrow will come and tomorrow will be better. The narrator is optimistic, full of faith, and confident that his day too shall come. While anticipating a changed nation, the narrator maintains his health and strength by continuing to eat in the privacy of the kitchen. Hughes suggests that the “darker brothers” who are cast aside, are not defeated. The narrator will use the time where he is segregated to his benefit and can grow
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