Langston Hughes Influence On Walt Whitman's Poetry

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Numerous famous writers and other well-known individuals read and originate inspiration from Walt Whitman’s poems. Various American poets mention Walt Whitman is an inspiration for their creation, indicating appreciation for his pioneering fundamental originality along with the frequently scandalous themes he focused on. “Like Walt Whitman, he heard America singing, and he asserted his rights to sing America black...” (Hughes 870). Therefore, it’s clear that Langston Hughes was profoundly influenced by the work of Walt Whitman. Langston Hughes mentioned Walt Whitman being one of the highest dominant on his poetry. Like Walt Whitman's poems, Hughes poetry is divinatory and expressed from the heart. To this day he remains a significant inspiration to African-American poets, and also to American writers of all cultures and beliefs. Occasionally Langston Hughes has been scrutinized for his rather archaic interpretations…show more content…
He frequently wrote about ethnic and cultural matters, portraying his individuals in a pragmatic way. Even though his story was not usually agreeable, he narrated it with compassion and with faith. In "The Negro Speaks of Rivers" the narrator has implemented the analogous structure, attribute to Walt Whitman's poetry. The poem talks in an oracular approach to the history of Afro-American evolution, and to the prospect of black individuals in the Land of Liberty as in egalitarianism, captivity and struggle. The river is the allegorical origin of all life “I’ve known rivers ancient as the world and older than the flow of human blood in human veins” (Hughes 871). Robert Frost is one of the most recognized American classical personality in history. His well-formed poetry and Walt Whitman’s unrhymed-verse equally highlight the magnificent and hard characteristics of nature. “...the colloquial rhythms, the simplicity of his images... these are intended to make the poems look natural and unplanned.” (Frost
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