Langston Hughes Irony

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life is fine by Langston Hughes is a poem with a rhyming scheme of A,B,C,B. The poem uses a lot of verbal and situational irony. when he says he,s going to kill himself but he doesn 't and when he said he was going to jump but he didn 't. He uses this a lot when he states he,s going to die but he doesn 't.
Langston Hughes uses a lot of verbal irony when he says "if the water hadn 't a-been so cold i might 've sunk and died". so he was saying he was going to kill himself but he didn 't even though he had the chance. Langston also uses simile when he says in the last line"life is fine, fine as wine" so he 's comparing his life to wine because in general wine is fine so when he realizes it, he calms down and at the end he doesn 't commit suicide.
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