Langston Hughes Meaning

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Langston Hughes did us a great service, he showed us a perspective that wasn 't being put in the spotlight. Mr. Hughes showed us how the american dream wasn 't the “dream” for everyone, he portrayed how african americans were not receiving the same as everyone else in america and how when everyone was happy they simply weren 't. He did an amazing job portraying a side we never saw and opened the american populous to a new view on the way society was being looked at. The poetry in Lenox Avenue Mural reflects the time period by showing the negative aspects of the american dream for african americans. It 's no secret that whenever a culture or group of people have moved to America that usually they come for and have to start from the bottom…show more content…
Langston Hughes was a poet who wrote many pieces but he did touch on this exact subject in 1 poem that he dedicated directly to the American dream showing that he was aiming some of his artwork at this exact topic. in the poem (“American Dream”) he says “Life should be better and richer and Fuller for everyone with opportunity for each according to Ability or achievement” . This one piece in his poem is how America was meant and made to be. America was founded on the idea that all men are equal and that all men and women have the equal and same opportunities as each other to gain the ultimate goal. Langston Hughes shows that he is aware the American dream is there and knows that it was intended to be equal but it simply was not due to racist and close minded people. Some people gave up on the American dream and knew that it was too far out of reach but Langston Hughes reiterated that in his poem that the American dream is still there and well alive for the taking for anyone who is willing to work for it. Langston Hughes was also quick to point out the difficult path it was for a person of African descent to gain it but that didn 't stop him from reiterating the fact that it is there and there to be taken. To me, I see Langston Hughes as a man that sees a problem and simply wants to make it known an address is in so that everybody sees what he sees. I also see a Visionary and him, how he sees that America can one day be what it was meant and
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