Langston Hughes Poetry Style

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It is the start of the 1920’s and the Great War has just ended and America has won. The cruel, bloody, heartbreak and suffering is now over and families all across the nation are welcoming home their beloved soldiers. It only seems right to celebrate the victory and the homecomings of the soldiers by throwing one huge party. This is exactly what happened in the 1920’s, a time period also known as the Roaring Twenties. Love your hook! Throughout this decade, several changes and improvements took place for all Americans, even African Americans, something that had never happened before. These changes led to an outburst in literary works written about the new ways of life. Coincidentally, with the rebirth of America came yet another new literature era known as the Modernist time period. This era led to a huge shift in the way literature was written and interpreted. The Modernist time period allowed for many authors, along with African-Americans, to write about the limitations of their race, and Langston Hughes’ “I, Too”, and “Mother to Son” both portray the limitations of the African American race. Langston Hughes is a well known African American author from the Modernist time period. This time period differed from the previous era in which writers began writing about new topics like never before. New influential styles of writing came to life during this time period. Works were now widely open to the reader 's interpretation with a lack of explanation. Modernism is easily
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