Langston Hughes Realism Vs Realism

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Phron Scranton Modernism and realism how do these types of literature came to evolve and how are they compared? In this writing, there will be a comparison of modernism and realism and how they related to each other. These two types of literature played a part in American history and happened during a pivotal era of time. When a person thinks of realism the thought that may come to mind is it references reality. When it comes to modernism it is viewed as the results of a progressive society. However, there will be a focus on the overall aspects of these two types of literature. The beginning of modernism was founded as a way to change the traditional ways of poetry and was to focus more on being self-aware. This was common in 19th-and…show more content…
Thus, modernism was in a transient stage where writers were attempting make strives to move from the old forms of literature. In observation of Langston Hughes, he was considered a modernist that contributed a major part in the African American community. He was one the founders who incorporated jazz and poetry. This was during the period of the Harlem Renaissance when the African American culture was at its highest. The Harlem Renaissance was of the embracing of literary, musical, theatrical, and visual arts it was set apart for whites. Many of Hughes writings were derived from the African American culture and the struggles of their society. The infusion of jazz into his writings created a positive stain in the community. One of Hughes biggest writings was of “The Weary Blue,” which was one of the original Jazz infused poetry. Many of Hughs writings envolved societal culture issues. However, Hughs had a less known poem that venture into a genre of jazz that was called be-bop. Bebop was considered a revolt from the traditional jazz and it was becoming a distinctive part of modernism in the African American communities. Nevertheless, Hughs lesser-known writing was called “Montage of a Dream Deferred.” This writing was also distinctive to bebop. The Montage was a spin from African American culture and vernacular…show more content…
His role in the Harlem renaissance proved to have provided an excellent in the African American community. Subjectively, the influence of Langston Hughs’s writings may have evolved to a form of poetry that is known in African American community today as a Spoken word. This is a writing form that is read aloud with expressive thoughts while there is music playing in the background most preferably jazz. Spoken word has similarities to Hughes writings because its primary goal of is to express the struggles of the community in an art form while providing the audience with the emotional
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