Analysis Of The American Dream: I, Too By Langston Hughes

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The american dream is the idea that everyone in the U.S. citizen or not should have an equal opportunity to achieve success and prosper through out hard work and determination. For almost 100 years the American Dream was and has been implanted to us as people throughout the technical evolution. The American Dream is not attainable because the odds of it being achieved fluctuate depending on race, gender, and social classes. The American Dream is something that we can all argue with and what we believe it stands for. The American Dream helps us admire and see towards the future, it's also everyones opinion and goal. In the poetry piece “I,Too” by Langston Hughes, he's the darker brother in this piece, Hughes says, “I’ll be at the table when company comes. Nobody'll dare say to me, “‘Eat in the kitchen,’” then”. Everyone is racially offended by him but he…show more content…
People shouldn’t be judged because of their ethnicity, race, or what they do for work. In my “My Everyday Hustle” there is a women named Cecilia she is a single mother that came to the America when she was just 17, she had no job when he first got her, wanted to work, she saw women working as taxi drivers and said that she can do the same thing, she’s now a citizen in the U.S., works as an UBER driver. She’s lost a lot of family time, but she puts the effort in her job, and makes the best out of her day(s). Cecilia states “It’s true you can become what you want” (PBS). What that quote means is, you can become what you didn’t even think you could be in life. She wants too go to school to get a better job in the profession she wants, but people tend to say and do things to bring someone's good motive down. She’s a very determined person she's never given up in life no matter how hard it seems. We shouldn’t let people take us for granted just because our dreams are bigger than
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