Analysis Of Langston Hughes Theme For English B

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Langston Hughes ' Theme for English B was written during the Jim Crow era where people were treated base on the color of their skin. America had no equality amongst its citizens during that time. Hughes ' "Theme for English B" depicts the harsh realities of America through the eyes of the colored. Although, the poem seems that the speaker is pointing out the differences between the colored and white; the speaker is actually trying to convey the messages that we are all the same. In the beginning of the poem, the speaker 's instructor assigns an assignment stating that the students need to write a page that will be true about themselves. The poem is about the speaker writing that paper. The speaking in this poem is a twenty-two years-old African-American…show more content…
Lines 32-40 have a rhyme to those lines. The effect of these end lines that rhyme together cold be that the speaker is perhaps letting his instructor know that although they might be different, and both might have the mutual mindset of not wanting to be a part of each other; here they are. While they are here, they should make the best of it and learn from each other. The poem ends with "This is my page for English B". This shows that the speaker has completed his assignment. The denotations and connotations in this poem is the poem in itself. This poem could be taken in its liters sense that is simply about a student who is trying to complete their assigned assignment. A twenty-two-year-old who has not figured life out yet. However, this poem is much deeper than its literal sense. It is about a student who is writing about his experiences as a colored student during the Jim Crow era. Line 23 "I like a pipe for a Christmas present", was meant to be read figuratively. It seems that this line had some connotation to it that this colored twenty-two-year-old would like to have a pipe as the older white men have. It is more of a metaphor that he would like equal rights just like everyone else. Also, the speaker is trying to convey that he does have something in common with his older while male…show more content…
He is expressing how it feels like being him. The only colored boy I. his college. The theme in this poem can also be that we may look different on the outside, but we are all the same on the inside. We should be able to live and function harmoniously with each other even if deep inside we may not like each other very much. We can still learn from each other because although everyone is a like on the inside, everyone has gone through different experiences throughout their lives and therefore learning from one another could educate us on the battles of the other. The tone in this poem is erudite, depressed, hopeful. The speaker has an erudite tone because he is talking about his college environment and the poem is generally about completing an assignment. The poem could have a depressed tone because the speaker is stating his differences and how he feels being at the school as the only colored student. He talks about being alone in his apartment wing. He talks about not knowing what is true to him at this young age. He also talks about how he is not as free as his white male professor. It is clear that he could be talking about segregation and racial discrimination back then. This poem has a hopeful tone towards the end when the speaker expresses that although they are different from each other, they can still learn from each other. They are a part
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