Langston's Quote From 'Mother To Son'

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The quote I think is strong is 'Life for me isn't no crystal stair. So boy don't you turn back now.' This quote is strong to me by the mother telling the son to not turn back and keep moving forward. It's personal to me. I know that the mother was the author by the actual title 'Mother to Son.' and the mother wanted to make her son to realize life is tough, life was hard and she was a slave. She knows that from her perspective that it wasn't easy. She wanted to tell her son that you need to work hard in life to get what you wanted and don't give up. According to the passage, 'well, son I'll tell you life for me hasn't been a crystal stair for me. It's had tracks in it, and splinters. At time I've been climbing and reaching lands and turning corners. So boy don't turn back now.''…show more content…
Langton was been a slave because of the date that this has been published. It has publish in 1944, and slavery went on in 1620 though 1865. From this passage I can conclude that her son was born and soon she knew his life would be hard and he'll give up. I thought this was an important part because Langston sent a letter to inspire her son and to make him do better in life and never give up. She has been in sad, miserable situations. '' And going in the dark where there Ain't been no light. So boy don't turn
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