Languag Language In Laura's Melting Pot

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Laura is a Mexican immigrant currently living in Harlem, a city in New York that is notorious for having the majority of the population being Spanish speakers and some English speakers. Laura faces a challenge because she speaks Mixtec- an indigenous language, causing her to face a language barrier between her and the rest of her community. She worries that she will get lost in translation causing her to feel helpless in her own community “‘I feel bad because I can’t communicate with people, ”she said mixing Spanish and Mixtec. “I can’t do anything”’(Semple). America has always been described to the rest of the world as a “Melting Pot” where cultures from all over can “melt” together and live in harmony. However, because of the indigenous nature of Laura’s language, she faces a lot trying to assimilate into her new home. She’s not alone though as there are thousands of people that are struggling with the same conflict as her.…show more content…
Languages spoken throughout the United States differ throughout due to varying cultures; within the cultures are their own cultural norms and values that define them from the rest of the world. Culture is defined as a set of shared values within a group. These values within the culture affect the way one thinks, speaks and acts (Goman). Language is the foundation of communication that plays a role in personal identity. Being taken away from your home and culture and into a new world with a completely different culture causes those face challenges with realizing themselves and finding themselves due to variation of social norms. This is what contributes to the feelings of alienation that people like Laura
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