Language Acquisition Case Study

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In the book “Study of language” Yule (2010) acquisition is defined as “the gradual development of ability in a language by using it naturally in communicative situations with others who know the language.” (p.187). In other words, acquisition is a process where the learner get a language in a natural way without any specific teaching method. This process is similar to the way a child acquires the first language. The learner's need for a constant use of the target language as the only way of communicating leads to a natural understanding of the messages and subsequently the acquisition. This process occurs in a natural manner, free from either rule or guidance involved.
On the other hand to Acquisition, Yule (2010) defines the term
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For children when acquiring their mother tongue this is every communicative aspect that surrounds them. For a second language learner this is whatever the teacher and his studies guide him to incorporate in his education. In the case of second language acquisition it happens the same as in the process to acquire the first language. Yule (2010) also explains that children do get a little help to acquire their mother language by older people and other infants, “[they] provide language samples, or input, for the child”…show more content…
This person learnt a concept wrong but he acquired it as the correct form so is becomes a permanent problem.
First Language The first language is the one that a child learns from his everyday life experience with the people around him or her. It is also known as the native language or mother tongue among other names. It is usually identified as L1 (Gass, S. M & Selinker, L. 2008, p. 7).
Second Language acquisition According to Gass, S. M & Selinker (2008) second language acquisition “refers to the learning of a nonnative language after the learning of the native language. The second language is commonly referred to as the L2” (p. 7). As the definition states. it is the language people learn after their originally learnt language. It is not learnt but acquired which consists of a different process to that of learning.
Foreign language
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