Language Acquisition Research Paper

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Feargal Murphy

Language Acquisition & Disruption

The acquisition of language is one of the most difficult tasks a human infant takes on

Children´s acquisition of language has been considered one of the most important human behaviors. Nowadays, there is still the belief that infants learn their mother tongue through their parents, either by imitating their behavior or through the sounds they emit. However, all children in different parts of the world learn the language they hear in their environment. From the outset, children tend to learn as many things as they possibly can, which will be used throughout life, for example, walking, talking and socializing.
The acquisition of language is an issue that has been discussed for many
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In the linguistic evolution, the child must go through to achieve a good language, starting from babbling to first words or phrases. This process frequently appears in the first months. However, that time or specific age at which a child begins to talk may vary depending on many factors. One of the most important is hearing, but it is not the only factor, there are many other factors that influence such as sex (girls tend to improve their language skills, cognitive abilities and general development long before the boys) and among the most important is the stimulation that is given to the child. Hence, the family plays a very important role in the emergence and development of verbal language of the…show more content…
Consulting studies on the subject, descriptions are basically trying to establish the stages through which passes the child in the linguistic evolution. Identified some stages of language acquisition that every child must go through to achieve a good language, starting from babbling to first words or phrases.
Children feel the need to communicate with others; this comes from the first month of life. It is this need, along with the stimuli it receives, which allow them to develop their capacities for language acquisition. In the first months of life, we talk primarily a workout, or articulatory and auditory exercise, which will allow you to produce the phonetic sequences that need to carry out your purchase.
In conclusion, it seems particularly important the role of the family in this context. Children receive a great external stimulation as they get answers, for this reason, children tend to repeat what other people say; this helps to improve their linguistic skills. In addition, this helps to build relationships between sounds and actions, especially if this occurs frequently. There is evidence that language acquisition in a girl faster compared to process data in other children. It is due to external stimulation that infants receive in the first years of their lives, for that reason, it is important stimulation of parents in the learning

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