Language Acquisition Stages

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Describe the various stages of first language acquisition
The first language acquisition is the process by which the child gains a language. Babies can gain language through their interaction with other people. Any child can learn any language as his/her first one. Children undergo through several stages until they get close to the adult language.
The stages of language acquisition can be divided into pre-linguistic and linguistic stages. There are five stages of first language acquisition: the first sounds stage, babbling stage, First words, the two-words stage and the telegraphic stage.
The first sounds are considered as a pre-linguistic stage in which babies just crying and cooing. That's why most scientists can't consider it as a language.
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At the beginning, those two words were the words that they already know during the one-word stage. We will find that some utterances contain two nouns or a noun and a verb like ‘baby chair”, ‘mommy eat”. A phrase such as ‘baby chair” can express three states. First, it can express a request which means (put the baby in the chair). Second, it can express a possession which means (this is the baby’s chair). Third, it can express a statement which means (baby is in the…show more content…
We will notice that when Brown (1973, A first language the early stages. Harvard university, press Cambridge, Mass) made a study of three children on their spontaneous utterance. He noticed the appearance of grammatical morphemes. This happens in (-ing) which represent the present progressive form of the verb. Then, they began to acquire the prepositions, then the regular plural endings and the possessive morphemes which have the same shape of the plural /s/ then their utterance becomes like the adults. All these happen without anyone tells the child.
Child language acquisition is the natural outcome of society. All the children acquire it naturally without any efforts of teaching or learning. We find that the outcome of the first language acquisition will be the same, however, the differences in intelligence between individuals. Also, Infants who born of different levels will acquire the same form of language if they raised in the same environment.
First language acquisition is described by linguist as the process of acquiring a language during the early stage of the baby. It is defined as the primary language it’s not important to be the mother tongue but rather the language that the speaker first acquires and use it continually. According to Lennenberg (1967), the language that the one picks up during the critical period will generally be

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