Language And Communication In The Miracle Worker By William Miller

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Author, Paul J. Meyer, once said “Communication—the human connection—is the key to personal and career success.” In the play, The Miracle Worker by William Gibson, the universal theme of understanding through communication is present similarly to the quote. The Miracle Worker is about the story of Helen Keller—a blind and deaf girl who lives in Tuscumbia, Alabama. Helen Keller is taught by the patient and determined Annie Sullivan. Sullivan teaches Helen Keller when she is adolescent girl, who can be described as an animal with awful hygiene. Annie Sullivan teaches the youthful girl how to communicate using sign language; and Sullivan actually teaches Helen to comprehend the meaning of words in a span of two weeks which is described as a miracle. Language and communication is the gateway to understanding.…show more content…
With these skills, Sullivan wants Helen to actually understand language which would help her in the long run. The drama notes, “Annie repeats the letters, and Helen interrupts he fingers in the middle, felling each of them, puzzled. Annie touches Helen’s hand to the doll, and begins spelling into it again,” (Gibson 508). At this point of the drama, Annie was teaching Helen to repeat words back to her in sign language. This was the first time Annie was teaching Helen this method considering the two were only together for a day during that point in the play. Sullivan wants Helen to imitate the words in sign language, and then understand later. By doing this basic so called “game” Helen can understand how to communicate in sign language with other people. Communication will only lead to Helen’s success in comprehending and understanding

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