Language Acquisition Essay

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human infant takes on. Infants originally start without a language and the process by which they can acquire such complex grammar by 12 months is quite outstanding. Infants do not learn a language, it is a natural process by which they go through hence the reason it is considered an ‘innate process’. The acquisition of a language takes place in the environment that the child is in. Parents/Guardians do not teach a child grammar, the grammar is automatically developed in their environment and is part of their development. There isn’t any vital factor that influences an infant’s development of a language, it is acquired naturally. The background or social class that an infant is brought up will not make a difference to his/hers acquisition of…show more content…
We use language to communicate with others, communicate our feelings, thoughts, wants etc. So the inability to communicate their wants and needs due to the incapability to use language, can be difficult and ultimately frustrating for an infant to take on. ‘When you know a language you can speak and be understood by others who know this language’ Fromkin, V., & R. Rodman. Chapter 1, Linguistic Knowledge In An Introduction to Language, (Sixth Edition p. 4) The acquisition of language may be innate but infants do not suddenly wake up with “a fully formed grammar in their heads or with knowledge of social and communicative intercourse” Fromkin, V.,& R. Rodman. Language acquisition In An introduction to language, (Sixth Edition p. 319) Linguistic aptitude develops in stages. These stages are different from one another.
There are different stages of language development a child goes through in order to acquire language. Phonological development is the first stage followed by lexical development and syntactic development. The Phonological stage can start at six months and can be a very difficult process for infants to go through and difficult for us adults to grasp or understand. This stage is also called the ‘babbling stage’ as infants only tend to spur out the sounds
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