Language Acquisition Research Paper

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'First of all, Krashen says that language cannot be learned, it is acquired through a natural way. In this process, language acquirers are unconscious, and after a certain time, which involves constant exposure to the target language, language acquirers start to produce language naturally.'' Serap, in your comments, you have already demonstrated well the process of language acquisition, but I have noticed that we need to give more details about the importance of this process and the things which are necessary for the language acquisition to have a better understanding in that subject. There is something of an enigma in this; first language acquisition captures attention for the speed with which it takes place. To put it another way, long before…show more content…
Consequently, there is evidence to suggest that innate predisposition in each human infant takes a fundamental role in the process of acquiring language. We may consider this as a particular aptitude for learning a language with which each newborn baby is endowed. It is important to note that by itself, however, this mental and physical characteristic that a child has from birth is not adequate for language acquisition. Numerous researchers have made one point clear; the process of language acquisition has some fundamental prerequisites in the first place. In this sense, as Braine states that a child needs interaction with other language-users to bring the general language capacity into contact with a particular language such as English during the first two or three years of development.It stands to reason that a child who does not hear or is not allowed to use language; namely

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