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Language and thought combined are the fundamental features of the human actions as they are the channels of mental and social lives. Language is utilized to connect with other humans and observe inner thoughts. The majority use the language and thought interchangeably as unique human features from other animals. The human language is an essential part of what means to be human, and it sets apart from other animals. Human language incorporates the density to identify the variety of features that labels essential features such as arbitrariness and semantics. To an extent, knowledge acquisitions are built on lexicon, such as, in the area of knowledge like natural science and maths. This is probably valid when we view this in the area of human science or when emotions and perceptions play a role in knowledge acquisition. To…show more content…
In indigenous languages such as Guugu Yimithir, time and direction are perceived much differently than any other languages. The Guugu Yimithir use cardinal directions in the way we use left and right. This has certainly added value to their ability to navigate through space, as English speakers use egocentric coordinates. From a young age, they need learn to perceive the position of the sun and directional indications in the physical environment (Spivey, Joanisse, & McRae, 2012). Grammar structure of various languages also influences the way we perceive the world. For instance, the word ‘key’ is masculine in German and feminine in Spanish. These small changes of gender markings make individuals perceive objects differently, therefore ratifies that language does indeed influence our perception of the world (Linderman, 2012). In my personal experience, learning Japanese and Tamil has altered the way I perceive numerals. For example in Japanese and Tamil, Eleven is ten-one and twelve is ten-two. Where it is much more logical and easier to count and perform

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