Essay On Language In Children

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Exposing children as early as possible to language is crucial to language acquisition (Atkinson, 1988). Language is many things, it can be a system of communication, a medium for thought, vehicle for literary expression, a matter for political controversy, a catalyst for notion building. (O’ Grady & Dobrovolsky, 1989: 1 in Imansyah, 2008:1) The existence of language can’t be separated from human life. It can be seen from the fact that all related to interaction among people necessitate a language. Language is an important means of communication. Language reflect thinking, obviously we can’t say a sentence until we have first thought of it. Often our thinking gets mixed with emotions and our reasons become loaded with desires,
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Speaking more than one language shouldn’t be treated as something out of the ordinary. When it comes to language, infants are pre-wired to learn. They actually form connections and grow new brain cells to process the particular languages they are exposed to. Bilingual children tend to actually have measurably larger brains with denser grey matter than their monolingual peers. This extra brain power has been shown to give these children an advantage later in life in such areas as logic and math. As the child gets older, the brain's ability to restructure itself in this manner diminishes, and by a very early age (between 6 and 9 years old) the window has virtually closed. This is why young children the world over can learn one or more languages almost effortlessly, while older children and adults struggle to learn a second tongue and rarely become fluent or develop good accents. Furthermore, these latecomers experience far fewer of the brain functionality increases that the kids who started early enjoy. It is simply a element of belonging to our global society. When young children are exposed to other languages and cultures at a very young age through books, videos, songs and objects, they will have the opportunity to feel comfortable growing up in a world where languages and cultures intertwine on a daily
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