Language And Thought In George Orwell's 1984

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Language and thought were always seen as two different processes, where thought was always taken as the main process. Language was just seen as means of communication, a process of expressing our thoughts to other people, and so, a thought came first, which means that language was developed as that thought was put to words. But then, we later realized that the way a person speaks affects the way they think, and that people of different languages think in different ways. That is why in George Orwell’s 1984, the INGSOC Party used language to manipulate and eradicate personal thought for political purposes; they developed a new language called Newspeak, with the intention and aim of obtaining total control and make any other thought impossible. The Party’s replacement of Oldspeak by Newspeask made many thought words impossible and was therefore used as a mechanism of control. First of all, as started in the above paragraph, the language a person speaks influences how they view the world around them. The Newspeak language was a language developed to replace the Oldspeak language, which was just Standard English language. It was developed because the Party in power discouraged independent thinking and wanted to limit the range of thought. The party did not want the people of Oceania to think about anything else diverging from the Party’s principles and believes, and there was no better way of achieving that than developing a language that everyone would use on a daily basis.
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