12 Language Arts Standards Essay

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Each of the common core standards for Language Arts and Mathematics as well as the National Standards for Science and Social Studies presented in this lesson are written as frameworks to guide the standards development for states and curriculum development for schools. Write your insights for each (language arts, mathematics, science, and social studies) including your opinion and thoughts related to formats, wording, and other aspects.
The 12 Language Arts Standards (developed by the International Reading Association and the National Council of Teachers of English)
The twelve Language Arts Standards are written in a very broad language in my opinion.
1) I find the wording to be grandiose in reference to what students should take from the standard (to respond to the needs and demands of
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Hopefully students have begun this process in the lower grades so they are able to participate with their peers on a relatively equal basis. Unfortunately students change schools, schools have different priorities and may not have given students the opportunities to develop strategies. How will the educator guide them to draw on their “prior experience”? I can appreciate that the standards want students to have a more holistic and transformational development through a wide range of strategies but it takes a lot of time to incorporate effective strategies and to guide them to understand textual features in printed text.
4 & 5) I agree that students should understand how using spoken, written and visual language is useful in different formats depending on the message and the audience. Students should know how to debate, give a presentation both orally, by using technology, and students should explore how to use art forms for expression. Students should be able to express their views in different written formats to effectively communicate with various

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