Language Attainment In Teaching A Teacher As A Foreign Language

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INTRODUCTION Teaching a foreign language is unlike teaching most other subjects. Consider biology. In teaching biology, a large part of a teacher’s task is to transmit a received body of knowledge, the student being tasked with absorbing and retaining as much of that knowledge as possible. A biology student may well understand and employ scientific process, but the content is critical. it would be a poor biologist who lacked a full grasp of cell reproduction and photosynthesis. The foreign language teacher, in contrast, does much more than transmit vocabulary and grammar rules. As children, we learned our native languages without technical explanations or lists of words to be memorized. In similar fashion, foreign language attainment is best served by a teacher who develops instills habits and frames of mind that make possible an ever-improving mastery of the target language, a mastery that begins with simple skills and leads to a satisfying lifelong process. WHAT IS A GOOD TEACHER? It goes without saying that a teacher must know his or her subject extremely well. Great language teachers not only know the language, they love the language they teach. They love its expressive potential as well as its quirks, its slang and its irregularities. We can appreciate a teacher who makes classroom time lively and fun, but it is a mistake to view teaching as a form of performance art. The ideal teacher is not so much entertaining as engaging. It is

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