Language Barriers In Business Communication

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Nephtalie Felix
Wednesday, April 19th, 2017
BUS 1105/Business Communication
Instructor Rita Ogbeama
Language Barriers “Language is a system of words used as symbols to convey ideas, and it has rules of syntax, semantics, and context” ( McLean, 2010). It allows you to communicate. Whenever a speaker wants to give a message, there must be a choice of words, a presentation, and a channel between that speaker and the person receiving that message. One has to deliver and properly conveyed or shaped. This portrays communication with the respective principles or rules. Communication also has barriers and language can pose a problem when communicating.
The six (6) major barriers to effective communication business are: slang, doublespeak, cliché, jargon, sexist and racist language, and euphemisms. Slang involves using different expressions while communicating with people you hang around with rather on a regular basis or closed friends and colleagues. It 's a “special” language used where certain people whom are close friends and colleagues would understand what you mean and others (general public) wouldn 't.
For example, when I was in high school, there was a group from my ROTC program who hung out all the time, I could not understand certain things they said when they addressed me. Yet, they understood each other pretty well. One person would say something like:” are we finna slide to the crib tonight after we ball?” Which meant if they were
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