Language Barriers In English

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Break down the Language barrier in Andhra Pradesh:
The state of Andhra Pradesh is known for its varied cultural traditions and manifold languages. This peculiar factor lends charm and beauty to it. The mere fact that there are numerous languages in Andhra Pradesh should be a matter of pride rather than that of an issue. In fact, it speaks for the rich and tessellated culture of Andhra Pradesh. Since Telugu is spoken by the majority of the people of Andhra Pradesh, it has a natural claim to be adopted as the common link language. All the same, the educational system in Andhra Pradesh is exclusively influenced by the Western models of education. It is an open secret that the students of Andhra Pradesh usually memorize words and grammatical rules. They tend to learn a foreign language by translating sentences in their mother tongue into the target language in a chain reaction. According to a recent survey (2009) many rural students are joining the public schools with a strong disliking towards English. As a result, they never take it so seriously. To make the matters even worse, all the efforts of the educational authorities to find an effective means of teaching the English language are in vain. Some students grow a strong aversion towards learning languages as they find the classes boring. True to their belief, they are forced to do plentiful drills and a few controlled activities. They even have to memorize hundreds of words, but will never get a chance to express
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