Language Definition Essay

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What is language?
„A language is not a code for encoding pre-existent meanings. Rather, it is a conceptual, experiential and emotional world. Shifting from one language to another is not like shifting from one code to another to express a meaning expressible equally well in both these codes.” I believe that when we speak or write in epecially in a foreign language you need to know the meaning of each your word because one word can have different meanings in another part of the earth. For example: Pragmatics is a field of lingvitics and semiotics wich studies the ways in which context contributes to meaning, so we can say that language „is a conceptual, experiential and emotional world.”
„We grow up, we get to know the world, people, and
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Many bilingual people grow up speaking two languages because these children were speaking their parents' native language however when they go out for playing, at school or kindergarten they need another language because the society around them speak another language. For instance, in my childhood in our family we were speaking Romanian language a clear difference was when I went at the kindergarten and a lot of kids were speaking Russian language as a result I learnt quickly this language and after all I became a bilingual person. Moreover, bilingual life helped me to discover the new way of being, feeling and thinking of the society who was around…show more content…
„Knowing a language means knowing its word structures and meanings.”( Cambridge University Press, American English: History, Structure, and Usage, Julie S. Amberg and Deborah J. Vause, Word systems)
Futhermore, the study of linguistic semantics means to focus on the relations between words,phases, signs and symbols that is used for understanding human expression though language. I think that for understanding a foregn language you need to know different vocabularies and it can be compared with universal uman
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