Language Differences Between Malcolm X And Helen Keller

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Many people would agree that language is something that makes people conscious beings. A person can use it for communication, an essential tool for sharing ideas that massively contributed to the development of the human civilization. Moreover, there are many ways to express oneself with a help of words. Furthermore, the quality of language depends on knowledge. If a person knows words, definitions, language structure, can read and write, it gives an individual an immense scope of possibilities, from reading books to writing letters, as well as delivering speeches. In the history of the humanity, there were many great people, who used language to express fundamental ideas that are still relevant in the modern days. Moreover, prominent historical figures used rhetorical skills to motivate others to do…show more content…
Learning a new language, similarly to the experience of Malcolm X, opened a new world of knowledge and ideas. In the modern world, English is the language that allows acquiring a massive amount of information, because many great works of literature, as well as scientific books, are written in English. Like the example of Helen Keller, it worth to say that while learning a new language it took great patience and eagerness. There were moments when learning seemed impossible. Therefore, it was essential to be patient in order not to think emotionally but rather rationally. to the differences, one can say that both Malcolm X and Helen Keller had great barriers on the way of learning a language and acquiring knowledge. By contrast, in the modern world, there are many great educational tools allowing learning a language at great speed. Moreover, the existence of Internet gives access to the massive databases of information that was unavailable for people couple of decades

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