Language Differences: Similarities Between Iraq And Minnesota

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Bayda Kakos Iraq and Minnesota The cities in Iraq were big and there was a lot of people and the population in 2013 was about 33.42 million. And in Baghdad was a big city I grow up there and it had to much people. And in Iraq it was always crowded and too much houses and cars. There was a lot of crimes and it was scary to live there since the war in 2003. And people were not nice at all and my parents left Iraq in 2007. In Minnesota it was much nicer and it was different world for me. Also the population was about 5.457 million there was not a lot of people and they were nicer to you. I lived in the small town call Moorhead not a lot of people lived there but it was safe. In Moorhead it was quited all the time and it was fun living there. And there was no crimes at all and Minnesota has 10.000 lakes.…show more content…
For me it was hard to understand the language and the writing and in there you have to learn the language. When I was a kid my parents taught me the language and writing. But we did not read any books at all and it was not good for me. And it was fun to learn my language but I’m forgetting the language. In Minnesota when I come the language was hard and it was not easy at all. And they read from left to right and learning english is hard and writing was hard to. I want to school and learn the language and writing and it become easy for me after one year. And I read a lot of books and it was fun to speak the language. It is fun to be part of this country and learning the hard

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