Language Dying: The Cause And Causes Of Language Death

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What do we mean when we speak of a language ‘dying ’? How does it happen? Can it be predicted? Canit be prevented? (Moseley.C 2006)

Language death may caused by many different reasons and obviously languages when the last few speakers of the language die and there is nothing else to do after a language dies and is not possible to make the language come back except the language of Hebrew. Language death happens due to climate changes, human invasion, and geographical barriers and also because of. In this assignment it is going to be analyzed the reasons that cause language death and then it is going to be analyzed and discussed ways to stop language death. Of course language death is not always bad because in some case like Latin something
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Places like Easter islands where they are separated and there is no protection for them and their language.
Final major reason, that cause language death are epidemics and diseases. At the third world’s countries and in ancient years million people died from different illnesses. Leper, and other illnesses when at the past was not possible to treat them so it caused death to million people caused civilisation destruction and death to many languages so the only thing that left is what it was created and written until all citizens completely died and left their places
A language which is characterized as an endangered language is the dialect/language which is used by people from Thrace is the language called “Arvanitika”. This language, because it is not dead yet, it is possible to save and secure the dialect from death. There are many ways to save a language from language death. Due to UNESCO’s research in 1991 there was 50000 speakers of the language of Arvanitika in Greece, now speakers of Arvanitika use them in order to speak among them but they do not use them with the younger generation because they do not know the language as a result they do not understand the language and also they feel that they do not need it. (Unesco
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In contrast Hebrew because of the help of the society from a dead language is now a language which has more than one hundread fifty thousand, million speakers, where the society including political parties social media and television made the language again supported and gave the ability to be understandable and alive again after many years of its death
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