Language: Examine Language Gap Through Social Media

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Title : Overcoming the LOL effect
Subtitle : Examine language gap through social media

Introduction :
Language is a complex issue, it’s always evolving because it’s a living organism, and it experiences evolution (Andrew, 2002, p.2), adapting to the needs of its user (Mcworther, 2014, p.15). It comes through new technologies, products, and experiences. With different lifestyle that young people play and elderly people hold it creates a language gap. Language gap is a different between two descriptions of an object by different linguistic representations (Salkowitz, 2008). When certain people have certain representation that is where miscommunication between these two-generation developed, this difference of lifestyle in using mobile devices
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Many of the changes that occur in language begin with teens and young adults as they mostly spend their time on Internet. To interact and stay up to date with their friends in their own age, as they keep interacting with each other their language grows to include words, phrases and constructions that are different from those older generation, on the other side Elderly people are less likely to take up new technology as they feel they do not need to follow the trend and resistant to change in technology. The Internet created a new language that most of elderly people barely knows the meaning (Sherzer, 2009, p.87). With the growth of modern communication, technology is developing too rapidly for the older generation to keep up with. Miscommunication and ineffective communication can lead to social awkwardness for each generation to…show more content…
CMD is communication that takes place between people through the instrumentality of computers. For example, Facebook, MSN, Hyves, Twitter or E-mail. We can’t deny that this way of communication changed the way people interact and communicate with each other. There are changes noticed that occur through the use of communication technology in the way people interact, communicate and interact. When we are using Social Media such as Facebook or Hyves we are not communicating in the real time, the context of the other person is missing. This form of Asynchronous communication does not allow immediate feedback or response, so our minds will interpret what the other person is saying based upon their words
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